Growing Disciples

Growing Disciples

What is the CDOP Pastoral Plan?

Key Points about Growing Disciples

What is Growing Disciples?

Growing Disciples is a pastoral planning process for the Catholic Diocese of Peoria to renew discipleship and enhance relationships with Jesus Christ in every corner of our region. The pastoral planning process will examine the current structure of parishes and schools in the diocese to evaluate how they can best meet the needs of the faithful and address challenges facing the Church today.

Specifically, Growing Disciples has three primary goals:

  • Enabling the faithful to go make disciples within a mission-driven, sustainable structure of parishes and schools.
  • Enhancing the vibrancy of our parishes, schools and ministries.
  • Increasing our support of the happiness, health and holiness of our priests.

Growing Disciples will also advance Bishop Tylka’s five foundations for the diocese and

  • Inspire discipleship in each baptized follower of Jesus
  • Empower evangelization so as to share the saving name of Jesus
  • Deepen our awareness of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist
  • Strengthen vocations
  • Continue the legacy of Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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The latest video from the Growing Disciples “Five Foundations” series includes a discussion between Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck and Sr. M. Bernadette Morse, FSGM focuses on strengthening vocations and addresses the following:

  • How to find lasting happiness in a world which offers “passing” happiness.
  • How vocations are the paths by which God’s voice is echoed most powerfully through each person to the world.
  • The common misconception that being a priest, or religious sister or brother, is lonely.
  • Our universal vocation is to be holy, or to be like Christ. The way that we can best live this out is unique to how God designed each of us, with a specific purpose.
  • How one can listen for God’s voice and discern his or her specific vocation.

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