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The mission of Saint Mark Catholic School is to foster the spiritual growth and academic life of its students and faculty and to teach children, with the cooperation of parents, the Catholic faith. Your child is accepted, cherished, and challenged as a unique individual.

As a Catholic School, it is our belief that there must be an integration of our faith in our total school curriculum. We attempt to provide an atmosphere where the Gospel values are instilled, Christian attitudes are developed, academic excellence is fostered, and discipline is stressed. We strive on all accounts to be a school where Christ is loved, excellence is expected, character counts, and traditions thrive.

Since 1922, Saint Mark Catholic School has provided Academic Excellence in Service of the Lord to the Peoria community. Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade receive the highest levels of academics with a strong foundation of Catholic values and morals.

With an approximate teacher to student ratio of 20-22 students per classroom, Saint Mark School addresses the needs of individual students on various academic levels by challenging, tutoring, and instructing each student. A wide system of support exists to help all students reach their learning potential.

For more information about Saint Mark Catholic Grade School please browse our Web site or contact our School Office at (309) 676-7131 between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.